Flow Creative creates brand identity for Greenpeace’s Global Plastics Treaty

Today creative agency Flow Creative reveals Greenpeace’s Global Plastics Treaty campaign’s brand identity ahead of the organisation’s press conference in Paris where the second session of the International Negotiating Committee is taking place. The agency has been working closely with the global environmental NGO for over a year to develop the campaign identity that will propel the importance of reducing runaway plastic production and use to tackle the plastic and climate crisis.

Greenpeace is a global independent campaigning organisation that uses peaceful, creative confrontation to raise awareness of environmental issues and drive positive change. Greenpeace’s Plastic-Free-Future’s campaign, together with its allies and supporters, demand a treaty that will keep oil and gas used to produce plastic in the ground and put an end to big polluters’ relentless plastic production.

With this hugely ambitious campaign the organisation is focusing on asking governments around the world to  commit to a strong and ambitious Global Plastics Treaty that will end  the plastic pollution crisis at source. Plastic is everywhere, its is flooding our planet, harming people’s health, accelerating social injustice, destroying biodiversity and fueling the climate crisis.The aim of this campaign is to encourage countries to agree to a legal binding agreement to end plastic pollution across the whole life-cycle to protect the environment and human health.

Flow Creative were tasked to create a brand identity that was flexible to adapt to many alphabets and languages for worldwide use. The creative had to be immediately identifiable and strong enough to carry the serious consequence of the messaging: End the Age of Plastic.

To ensure the campaign is clearly understood, the identity included a simple stamp mark, to be used by all the Greenpeace offices working on tackling the plastic pollution crisis. The mark design is based on the idea of a badge of honour to show membership of the treaty, and includes a graphic illustration of the globe; versions were made with five different views of the planet to be used by all continents on earth. The creative also includes campaign messaging in typographic systems, and a set of icons in the same graphic style as the stamp mark. The design is bold and graphic to communicate the campaign goal clearly and to resonate with audiences internationally, allowing for social media and regional adaptations. Flow Creative created a style guide to enable the identity for Greenpeace’s Global Plastic Treaty to be clearly translated by the organisation’s national regional offices.

Flow Creative, Founder & Creative Director, Karl Doran said: “As an agency we have always tried to work with organisations who do good in the world and few top Greenpeace, whose mission is literally to save our planet. Plastic use and production needs to be reduced and soon, the oceans are polluted, the world’s ecosystems are dying because of the widespread production of single-use plastic and human communities are being impacted. To be part of Greenpeace’s hugely ambitious global campaign to bring nations together to end the age of plastic is an honour and a privilege. We’re looking forward to seeing the campaign capturing the attention of global leaders and hopefully creating a once in a lifetime change for our planet.”

Greenpeace’s USA, Head of Comms & Engagement Plastics’ Campaign, Capucine Dayen said; “Massive thanks to the team at Flow for creating such an empowering brand identity for our Global Plastics Treaty Campaign. As the name suggests we required an identity that worked across our offices internationally, that would grab our audience’s attention and that that evokes hope and ultimately urgency for action. We are delighted with the outcome and are excited as it comes to live globally.”


About Flow Creative

Flow Creative is a purpose-led motion graphics and creative brand agency based in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. The agency enables people to care and connect with their client’s brands by finding their personality and illustrating their character.

Flow Creative was founded by Karl Doran in 2016 as a creative agency delivering high quality campaigns without the bureaucracy of a network agency. Working as a creative partner with organisations who want to change the world for the better, Flow Creative has created award winning campaigns to enable them to achieve their goals.

With a team of talented motion graphic designers, graphic designers and illustrators Flow Creative work with Greenpeace, World Wildlife Foundation, BBC, Joseph Rowntree Foundation and many more game changing organisations.