Engenera and Costco join forces in an exciting new partnership

In a new collaboration, Engenera Renewables Group and Costco Wholesale have announced an exciting partnership to assist customers in addressing the mounting challenge of rising energy costs by embracing solar power. Leveraging Engenera’s position as a leading renewable energy company in the UK and Costco’s extensive global network of membership-based retail stores, this alliance aims to provide innovative solutions to customers seeking sustainable and cost-effective energy alternatives.

With energy prices at an all-time high and global warming a growing threat, a growing number of households are exploring investing in solar power. Thanks to this new partnership, Costco is now able to make bespoke solar PV systems, sold with a full warranty, available to its members.

Members will benefit from the excellent customer service and quality assurance offered by both Costco and Engenera, as well as the guaranteed lower prices it offers members. All systems will exclusively be designed and installed by Engenera Renewables, a company with a long track record in delivering renewable energy solutions. All systems will feature fully calibrated high energy-yielding solar panels, a 5.4kW Huawei battery and a smart energy inverter. Customers will also benefit from a Smart Home App that helps to track performance and clearly displays generation and consumption data.

The partnership represents a move back into the domestic market for Engenera, which, on the back of demand driven by government targets, has been focused on the commercial side in recent years working on large projects for blue chip clients such as Nissan. The partnership with Costco, with its reach and customer focus, meant a move back to the domestic market represented a natural step for the company.

Each installation will be designed for optimal performance specific to a building’s roof, along with a complete report on that specific system. All systems are installed by fully qualified engineers then commissioned and tested by an electrical team to ensure it is MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) compliant. Once complete, customers will receive a handover pack with manuals, warranty information and maintenance advice.

Lloyd Lawson, Chief Strategy Officer, said:

“This partnership represents an exciting step for the business, but it is also a natural progression for us on the back of the way the company has developed in recent years. We now have the expertise and capacity to commit to a partnership on this scale and we could not think of a better company than Costco to be working with on this. Underpinning this deal is a commitment from both companies to help people; rising energy costs are putting incredible strain on households. Embracing renewable energy offers a way of reducing bills and offering long-term energy security, while also doing the right thing for the planet in the context of global warming.”