Only 13% of Brits prefer a sustainable holiday: holiday insights

With 45% of Brits planning on taking a family holiday this year, Legal & General surveyed 2,000 UK adults to understand the top holiday destinations of choice. 

Most popular holiday destinations for 2024  

Ranking   Destination   Popularity 
1  Spain   37% 
2  Italy  32% 
3  France  16% 
4  Portugal  16% 

Most popular holiday types in 2024 

Holiday type   Popularity   Most popular among X age group 
Beach   42%    45-54 year-olds 
Multi destination   17%   25-34 year-olds 
Activity based   14%   18-24 year-olds 
Sustainable   13%   18-24 year-olds 


Key travel trends: 

  • 17% of Brits ages 18-24 prefer a sustainable travel trip.
  • Majority of Brits enjoy having a mix of shorter and longer trips (33%). 
  • Shorter breaks are more popular (29%) compared to longer breaks (21%). 
  • Brits spent £1,944 on holidays last year. 
  • 46% of Brits have exceeded their holiday budget- with food and drink expenses being the most popular reason why (cited by 68% of respondents), followed by shopping (45%) and day trips (42%). 

Paula Llewellyn, CMO and Managing Director (Direct) at Legal and General Retail comments:  

“As families start thinking about their travel plans this year, it’s clear that they aren’t just sticking to the tradition of holidaying together; they’re eagerly planning, saving, and putting memories at the top of their priority list.

“Our previous research has shown that multigenerational living is on the rise, so it’s hardly surprising to see this crossing over into our family holidays. Even with tight budgets, families across the UK understand the benefits of these holidays. Cherishing the chance to make unforgettable memories with their nearest and dearest.”

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