A call has been made for weather enthusiasts to help monitor a county based observation station.

Denbighshire County Council in conjunction with the Met Office, is looking for volunteers to help monitor a weather observation station based at Prestatyn.

The Met Office is the United Kingdom’s National Meteorological Service and is responsible for the provision of climate and weather forecasting services in the United Kingdom.

One of the roles is to gather and collate the National Archive for Climate which is held for use by the people of the UK.

There are a number of sources for data that goes into the archive, one of which is the voluntary climate observing network.

This is a network of manually read stations throughout the UK who take daily climate readings and report them to the Meteorological Office, this includes the station cited in Prestatyn.

The Council is currently looking for a small band of community volunteer observers, who would be willing to give some time to take these readings on behalf of the Met Office and Denbighshire County Council.

Volunteers would need to undertake readings one or two days a week, on a rota basis, with other observers.

People would be needed to spare approximately 30 minutes in Prestatyn to take readings at around 09:00 G.M.T. a couple of days a week. If you are interested in applying to become a volunteer, please send an email to [email protected]

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