equiwatt secures ScottishPower peak-time energy reduction technology contract

equiwatt, the leading energy reduction and consumption management specialist, has announced a new partnership with ScottishPower, part of the Iberdrola Group, one of the world’s largest integrated utility companies and a world leader in wind energy.

This collaboration aims to transform how ScottishPower customers can manage their electricity consumption by harnessing equiwatt’s innovative, market leading ‘virtual power plant’ technology.

By downloading equiwatt’s cutting-edge smartphone app, ScottishPower customers will be able to earn rewards, reduce their energy bills, contribute to lowering carbon emissions and help meet the UK’s Net Zero aspiration.

At the heart of the partnership is equiwatt’s proprietary ‘virtual power plant’ technology. equiwatt’s smartphone app will seamlessly connect to ScottishPower’s customer’s smart meters to provide them with a simple and easy way to take part in peak time energy events.

These include this winter’s Demand Flexibility Service (DFS) run by National Grid ESO and the EQUINOX Project for heat pump owners.

The app, known as Power Saver, will make it easy for ScottishPower customers to collectively shift their electricity usage away from peak times of demand.

As a reward for their energy and CO2 reductions, customers will receive points, which can be redeemed for a range of rewards including high street shopping vouchers or be made as charity donations.

Once set up, the app will notify customers to participate in peak time energy events by performing simple actions such as turning off or avoiding the use of appliances for set periods, ranging from fridge freezers and electric cookers, to washing machines and temporarily pausing electric vehicle (EV) charging.

As well as providing benefits to households, the Power Saver App is also designed to help play an important role in improving the management and balancing of the UK’s collective electricity demand whilst utilising equiwatt’s established technology.

For the past three years, equiwatt has successfully run its own peak time electricity reduction events, known as ‘powerDOWN’ events delivering vital experience and know-how in advance of this year’s new programme.

equiwatt also took part in National Grid ESO’s first DFS events in winter 2022/23, which were used to manage the UK’s energy resources during peak periods, reducing the reliance on using traditional carbon-emitting power stations for additional electricity generation and reducing the pressure on the UK Grid infrastructure.

In addition to supporting ScottishPower, equiwatt will continue to operate as an independent provider during this winter’s DFS, supporting those non ScottishPower households that wish to participate and take advantage of equiwatt’s innovative, gamified market leading app and rewards, but where their energy suppliers are not part of the National Grid ESO scheme.

Dr Johnson Fernandes, founder, and CEO of equiwatt, said: “We are very proud to be partnering with ScottishPower to help its customers unlock the benefits of reducing their energy usage and carbon emissions utilising our AI-driven technology.

“As we have evolved our technology, we have seen increasing awareness, and demand from consumers who want to make a practical contribution to the UK’s energy usage.  Demand side energy management and energy flexibility will remain core components of UK power generation and our smart meter-connected virtual power plant enables consumers and energy providers, such as ScottishPower, to be directly involved.”

Rob McGaughey, Head of Smart Heat and Cities at ScottishPower said: “We are delighted to join forces with equiwatt to offer our customers the ability to unlock the additional benefits of flexibility. As a leading renewable energy company, ScottishPower is helping quicken the pace of decarbonisation in communities and homes up and down the UK.

“Greener technologies such as heat pumps will play a massive role in that, but just as important is providing our customers with ways to save, manage and take more control over their energy usage. However, our Power Saver App and events are more than just a way for ScottishPower customers to earn rewards. By harnessing flexibility, we are making the best use of green energy available to us and reducing the Grid’s reliance on fossil fuel sources.”

For more information visit www.equiwatt.com

Photo caption: left to right – Johnson Fernandes, CEO, equiwatt, Rob McGaughey, Head of Smart Heat & Cities, ScottishPower, Chris Carberry, Smart Solutions Director, ScottishPower, and Danny Jennings, Chief Revenue Officer, equiwatt