Duke Corporate Education Launches New Sustainability Education Platform for Global Business Leaders

Duke Corporate Education (Duke CE), the number one global provider of custom executive education according to the 2023 Financial Times Executive Education Rankings, has launched a new sustainability education platform in partnership with Sustainability Unlocked, a leading educational technology business. Duke CE clients will now gain unparalleled access to an extensive library of on-demand ESG learning and development content, featuring hand-picked instructors with prestigious credentials such as Dr Kevin Trenberth, Nobel Prize winner and former coordinating Lead Author of three IPCC reports; Mark Carney, former Governor of the Bank of Canada and then of the Bank of England, and currently the UN Special Envoy on Climate Action and Finance, and other distinguished experts at the intersection of sustainability and business.

The new on-demand education platform will be available through the Duke CE ESG Leadership Academy reinforcing the breadth and depth of its existing suite of offerings designed to solve the challenges facing learning and development teams in ESG-driven organizations.

To further enrich the digital learning experience, Duke CE will be adding a new 3-hour ‘ESG For All’ ready-to-learn module on its current MyDukeCE platform, which allows flexibility and customization to deliver a tailored, comprehensive learning experience to suit individual organizational needs. As part of the ESG leadership development roadmap, Duke CE will also introduce new ESG certificates, including the ESG for HR Certificate and the ESG Board Certificate, providing clients with specialized education options.

These new developments mark a significant milestone in Duke CE’s unwavering commitment to empower global organizations with key knowledge, skills and mindsets required at all levels to excel in ESG practices.


“ESG and Sustainability have become pivotal drivers for global businesses, transcending mere responsibility to redefine the very core of business operations. We are seeing interest in ESG reaching a tipping point and in particular interest in equipping business leaders with the necessary skills to assess and leverage ESG opportunities and risks present to their organizations,” said Sharmla Chetty, CEO at Duke Corporate Education. “At Duke CE, we are constantly looking to evolve our ‘Learn; Experience; Act’ learning delivery model to effectively help bridge the ESG know-do gaps that many organizations experience. We are excited to be launching these sustainability education solutions to equip our clients with the knowledge and skills they need to navigate the complexities of ESG, maintain trust and integrity, drive positive change, and enhance their strategic advantage.”


Duke CE supports leaders with customized solutions in navigating challenges such as digital transformation, innovation, culture change and fast-paced ESG goals, while fostering agility and innovation within their teams. The Duke CE ESG Academy was created to prepare global business leaders with the necessary skills and mindsets to succeed in the transition to socially and environmentally sustainable business models in an ESG-led world.


For more information about Duke Corporate Education’s on-demand sustainability and ESG courses, please visit: https://sustainability.dukece.com/