Record domestic solar installations so far in 2023, as homeowners embrace renewable energy solutions

The latest government data on solar power installations highlights that the UK is set for a record in 2023 with domestic installations, as more property owners seek renewable energy solutions.

Roofing and solar tile expert, Marley, has studied the latest solar photovoltaics deployment data, including and up to April 2023, to reveal the adoption of solar and record installations across the UK to-date.

Looking at the newly updated figures from the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero [1], Marley can reveal that 2023 is a record year for the solar industry to-date, in terms of UK installation figures, domestic installations, and total installed MW capacity too.

At the end of 2022, an incredible 14.66GW of solar capacity had been installed in the UK to date. And in 2023 so far, this sits at 0.28GW – or 287 MW – installed in the first four months of the year.


Dan Redfern, Marley’s marketing manager for installers comments on the findings: “This is already an impressive start for solar this year; if you compare the installed capacity in the first trimester of 2023, the figures are already 62% higher than 2022, with 110 more megawatt capacity so far, than the same period in 2022.”

Solar PV installation figures in 2023 to-date

 The latest data has also revealed a record first trimester increase for the number of installations, and domestic installations too, with highest figures reached in 2023.

January – April 2023 saw twice as many solar PV installations made than the same period in 2022; with 67,510 installations made this year, compared to 33,673 in 2022. This is also nearly four times – or 291% – higher than the 17,253 installations made in the first four months of 2021.

Most notably, domestic installations are accounting for an increasingly large percentage of UK total installations too. So far this year, 58,366 of the 67,510 installations were domestic, meaning they account for 86% of the total, and almost 9 in every 10 solar PV installations are for domestic projects.


YEAR (January – April period) / trimester 1 UK total installations in first trimester % increase on previous year ..of which domestic % of UK total which are domestic
2023 67,510 100.48% 58,366 86.45%
2022 33,673 95.17% 25,563 75.92%
2021 17,253 72.43% 14,158 82.06%
2020 10,006 -64.69% 5,417 54.14%
2019 28,339 178.32% 20,802 73.4%
2018 10,182 7,713 75.75%


Dan comments: “When we looked at the historical data, the five year average (2018-2022) for the first trimester domestic installations was 14,730, and the highest previously was in 2022 with 25,563. So with 58,266 to-date in 2023, this really paints a picture of the solar industry growth in the domestic market and strongly implies that 2023 will be a record year in every way!”


With UK energy bills remaining high, Dan believes this is driving a growing number of customers to seek more efficient and environmentally-friendly solutions for home heat and power.

He says: “One of the main reasons that I believe we’re seeing this growth in domestic installations is the current UK energy costs being consistently high. Solar offers a much more self-sufficient supply of power, without relying on the grid, and can even be profitable for those who sell excess power back to the grid too, so it’s not surprising to see consumers seek out solar PV solutions for their homes.”

“Solar has always been a viable option with the weather and sunlight hours in the UK, and as myths like these are debunked, consumer knowledge and confidence in solar has improved as a result. Our solar roof tile orders increased significantly in 2022 (compared to 2021 sales), and we have trained hundreds of installers to help meet buyer demand this last year.”