A programme has helped Denbighshire County Council and partners design approaches to tackle the climate crisis.

The Council has taken part over the last six months in the Design Councils, Design Differently program.

Council staff came together with Bryson’s Recycling and Bws Benthyg to look at the circular economy around reuse and repair across Denbighshire. The work focused on Bws Benthyg and how it can be of benefit to different county communities

Working together with community interest companies allowed the Council to share skills and learn from alternative perspectives. Council staff and partners were encouraged to use research around barriers to sustainable consumption or borrowing behaviour to lead interventions around use of Bws Benthyg.

Cllr Barry Mellor, Lead Member for Environment and Transport, said: “Having a partnership approach is a fantastic way to tackle the challenges we all face in adapting to climate change. We were extremely grateful to have this opportunity from the Design Council that has helped us going forward as a Council in working closer with our communities to better tackle climate issues together.”

The Design differently program included three workshops which guided participants through design processes and their application to current or future projects.

This was supported by Design Council staff Emily Whyman and Darren Evans who helped to setup and attended a Reuse Roadshow in Ruthin. Attendees also received support from PA consulting.