Online takeaway giant backs ban on single-use plastic and calls for support activating policy

The CEO of online takeaway giant Foodhub has backed a new government policy that will see takeaways in England banned from using single-use plastics from October. 


The move, designed to help tackle the ongoing plastic problem and wider climate issue, will see single-use plastic cutlery, plates and bowls banned. 


Foodhub CEO Ardian Mula has today endorsed the far-reaching policy and outlined how the new initiative will affect takeaways nationwide – asking the government to help support businesses as they adapt to the new rules. 


Mr Mula said: “We are aware of the impact plastic can have on the environment and support all moves that help move the country in the right direction in our collective campaign against the climate emergency. 


“As a leading online takeaway platform, we fully endorse this policy change, which we hope will result in a significant reduction of plastic waste and littering nationwide – and we look forward to activating the initiative within our business.


“As part of the transition this year, we are appealing for takeaways to receive support implementing the policy, which will have a significant impact on the way thousands of food businesses in England operate. 


“Many takeaways are already struggling to make ends meet amid the cost of living crisis, and we expect that this new policy will result in week on week costs increasing further, with packaging costs going up. 


“Ultimately, this may result in business owners having to pass on higher costs of packaging to consumers, with menu item prices potentially going up. 


“We’re looking forward to working with policy makers and businesses alike throughout 2023, in advance of the activation of this much-needed policy.”


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