Rhug Estate takes giant stride forward in its war against single-use plastic with the introduction of new sustainable packaging for its organic meat

Rhug Estate has recently introduced sustainable packaging for its organic meat products. The introduction of new paper-based meat trays, which reduce plastic by around 80 percent compared to traditional trays, is the latest giant stride forward in Rhug’s war against the use of single use plastic.

The trays are made of recyclable cartonboard with a liner that can be removed and disposed of prior to recycling. The new meat trays improve the shelf life of Rhug’s organic meat and give the consumer an extra two days on the use-by date – that means a Rhug Organic Steak will stay fresh for 12 days.

Lord Newborough, owner of Rhug Estate, said, “We are constantly looking at how each aspect of the business can reduce its carbon footprint. We had already moved to recyclable meat packaging 12 months ago but technology is advancing quickly in the recyclable packaging industry and so we have now upgraded our packaging.”

Rhug has already moved to biodegradable and more sustainable packaging in other parts of the business including the takeaway coffee cups, coffee trays, burger & lunch boxes and even with its Wild Beauty skincare. In the farm shop the aim is to source products from companies who also have similar sustainability beliefs.

Lauren Hutchinson, sales director at Graphic Packaging International, said, “We are delighted to be working with our partner DBM Packaging to support Rhug Estate in achieving their environmental goals through the provision of our PaperSeal® paper-based trays. Rhug is ahead of the crowd and we are proud to be associated with this premier brand.

“This solution makes it easy for the consumer to recycle the paper-based portion of the tray, which is made from renewable wood fibre sourced from responsibly managed forests. Given its sustainable nature, it is perfectly aligned to Rhug Estate’s focus on organic farming and on protecting and preserving the environment.”

Rhug’s organic farm leads the way with all the animals reared on the farm fed on feed grown on the farm and they can range freely onto clover-rich pastures that are free of sprays and artificial fertiliser. The highest standards of animal welfare are practised with no routine injections or dosing.

The Estate produces its own power through solar, hydro and wind systems and has a truly sustainable approach to agriculture which has resulted in a Carbon Negative position.

Lord Newborough said, “Work will never stop on making Rhug Estate as efficient as it possibly can be. Climate change is our biggest threat, and we owe it to the next generation to do everything we can to mitigate its effects. At Rhug we are pleased to be in a carbon negative position as a result of our passion for sustainability in everything we do whether it is organic farming, organic skincare, green energy, caring for the environment or the packaging we use.”