“Offering fully funded EV chargers is the way forward”, says EVC as they pick up award for Best Commercial EV Charging Provider


Named Best Commercial EV Charging Solutions Provider 2021 – UK, EVC is one of the fastest growing providers of free EV charge points across the country, supported by renowned renewable energy investment group, Oasthouse Ventures. EVC intends to improve the UK’s EV charging infrastructure by installing over 100,000 chargers within the next 5 years, working alongside the UK Government’s initiative to ban the sale of petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030.

Since the Government announced a nationwide ban on petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030, the UK has seen a major shift towards electric vehicles in the automotive industry. Electric vehicles (commonly referred to as EVs), are no longer an inferior option when purchasing a car, instead it is clear that the UK is firmly amid the EV revolution. When the UK went into a national lockdown in March last year, the automotive industry took a massive hit, with petrol and diesel car sales plummeting. Registered EVs however, rose from 210,000 in March 2020 to surpassing half a million as of May 2021.

With lockdown easing, and many returning to the office, businesses will be unprepared for the influx of electric vehicles. The lack of available charge points will soon become a very real issue. “With only 60% of the UK having access to a driveway, charging your car at home is not an option for many. Numerous drivers rely on public charge points, with workplace charging being the most convenient option given the amount of time motorists spend at their offices. Coming out of the pandemic, businesses must act accordingly and ensure that they have the infrastructure in place to offer their employees an accessible charge point. At EVC, we have made it our mission to give companies the smoothest possible transition into an EV future,” states Managing Director, Nick Ballamy.

In 2020, EVC set the target of installing 100,000 chargers across the UK to help build infrastructure, keeping up with the growing numbers of EVs on the road. Nick states, “Over the past year we have seen an unprecedented rise in electric vehicles in the UK. With this rise, it has become evident that the implementation of sufficient charging points at business owners’ developments comes at a high cost. In today’s climate, we understand that now more than ever, cashflow is tight for many companies. Therefore, we have built our model around providing fully funded charging points to businesses, ensuring they have one less cost to worry about.”

To most, the electric vehicle charging industry is novel. Understanding which type of charger is appropriate for your development or the difficulties that come with a charging infrastructure can make installing charging points seem like a daunting task. EVC have curated a team of industry specialists with extensive knowledge in the field, that allows businesses to benefit from a bespoke solution rather than a one-size-fits-all blanket approach. “We have a fantastic team here who are always on hand to help. The ease of the client journey from start to finish is something we pride ourselves on, and our consultants are there every step of the way to ensure that businesses are being provided with charging solutions that suit their needs” continued Nick.

The UK is moving towards a sustainable future and the EV revolution is well underway. The need to offer accessible charge points has never been more prevalent and it is an issue which EVC is confident it can resolve. “100,000 charge points in 5 years, that’s the target. We believe offering organisations a free solution to their EV charging requirements will provide businesses with sufficient incentive to take the next steps and future-proof their developments. We have worked with many companies across the country who have already benefitted from our approach and we look forward to many more business owners taking the first step on their EV journey”.

EVC was recently named ‘Best Commercial EV Charging Solution Provider – UK’ by Corporate Vision in recognition of the improvements it is making to the UK’s charging infrastructure. “We are delighted to see that the excellent work being carried out by our team of EV infrastructure experts is being acknowledged, and we look forward to continuing to build a sustainable future for us and the generations that follow,’ concludes Nick.

For more information on EVC’s electric vehicle charging services, please visit evc.co.uk

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