UK multi-business workspace is first to launch low carbon 5G

BASE Bordon Innovation Centre, managed by Oxford Innovation, has become one of the few shared office spaces in the UK with 5G capabilities, powered by carbon friendly energy storage technology.

The new 5G network, part funded by Enterprise M3 Local Enterprise Partnership and the University of Surrey, will be powered by technology invented by one of the tenants, powerQuad. Each powerQuad charges at times when carbon and fuel prices are at their lowest and therefore makes it a much greener, and cheaper power source.

BASE Bordon’s Manager, Duncan Gill, said: “The benefits to the creative and digital businesses in our centre are going to be huge. They will be able to work faster and smarter – as well as having massive bandwidth to test new technologies and download huge amounts of data.”

Some of the main benefits of the low carbon 5G service for businesses occupying BASE Bordon include:

– Super fast broadband meaning better connectivity, conferencing and data processing

– Huge bandwidth available for testing new technologies

– Reduced energy costs

– Lower carbon footprint

– Resilient power supply 24/7

Gil Satchell from powerQuad, said: “Our unique technology stores and releases energy allowing reductions in carbon footprint and electricity bills by around 40%. If this technology was scaled up across other workplaces, labs and offices then this adds up to big reductions.

“But it is not only the green credentials that make this an industry changing power system – it also offers security of supply (as it never turns off) and mobility (as units can be charged and moved.) Each powerQuad is about the size of a carry-on suitcase so can be transported with ease.”

Businesses wishing to find out more about the 5G workspaces at Base Bordon Innovation Centre should contact Duncan Gill,