Mobilityways Featured in DFT’s Transport Decarbonisation Plan


Mobilityways, part of the Liftshare Group, has been featured as a case study in the Department for Transport’s long awaited Transport Decarbonisation Plan.The DfT’s Plan sets out the government’s commitments and the actions needed to decarbonise the entire transport system in the UK. Categorised as Scope 3 emissions, commuting emissions account for 18 billion kg of CO2e annually. Often overlooked, commuting emissions are increasingly under the spotlight following organisations setting ambitious net zero targets. These targets cannot be met unless commuting emissions are addressed, particularly with many employers planning their return to the office.

“The commute is the least efficient journeys we ever make and is responsible for 5% of all UK emissions. Historically, the Government’s emphasis has been on the mode of transport rather than the root cause, however, for the first time the DfT has acknowledged that commuting is a major cause of emissions. We’re proud to have been able to engage with the DfT in the formulation of their Commute Zero initiative, and believe that Mobilityways and ACEL are going to be fundamental to enabling large employers to achieve Zero Carbon Commuting.” Ali Clabburn, CEO, Mobilityways

Mobilityways, part of Liftshare Group, is showcased in the DfT’s plan as being the UK leader in decarbonising the commute. The Government’s Plan references Mobilityways’ pioneering ACEL© technology – the first ratings system to provide organisations a simple way to benchmark and understand their Average Commuter Emissions Level.

The DfT – for the first time – sets out commitments around commuter emissions – referencing that “commuting accounts for around one in five car journeys in the UK, with vehicle occupancy 26% lower than for car journeys as a whole. If we could reduce single occupancy commuting journeys by 10%, this could have the potential to save 500,000 tonnes of CO2 a year.”

As part of the Transport Decarbonisation Plan the Government makes a commitment to “encourage and support UK businesses to lead the way in taking action to reduce emissions from their employees’ travel journeys through ‘Commute Zero’ ”

“We’ve been working on decarbonising the commute for 23 years, and the Government’s Commute Zero commitment is a huge step forwards. If we fail to make Zero Carbon Commuting a reality, we will fail our net zero goals. And if we fail our net zero goals, our children will not forgive us.” Ali Clabburn, CEO, Mobilityways



Mobilityways is part of Liftshare Group, a Norwich based social enterprise that is on a mission to make Zero Carbon Commuting a reality. With over two decades of experience, their software platforms have taken over a billion miles of journeys off UK road. Powered by ACEL© (the Average Commuter Emissions Level), the Mobilityways Platform is a suite of software tools that enables large employers to evidence, track, plan and reduce their commuter emissions.

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