Oxfordshire businesses going green given a helping hand to meet net zero carbon targets

Jennings, a business park operator in Oxfordshire, is focused on supporting its community to achieve net zero carbon collectively.  The operator has already outlined a roadmap for its Chalgrove based Monument Park to be net zero carbon by 2030 – and is now supporting its tenant businesses to achieve the same status by setting out eight guiding principles underpinned by sharing learnings and best practices, collaboration and measurement.

You can learn about how they are progressing in the video below.

Progress so far is good – Jennings itself is already close to achieving net zero carbon following a concerted reduction in its operational emissions and improved environmental practices across its managed offices. Now it aims to work with tenant businesses on Monument Park to apply best practice carbon reduction efforts and achieve a net zero carbon business park, while providing a pleasing environment to work in.

Bee=keeping on site boosts diversity and the environment

Roadmap Milestones

Key milestones in the Jennings roadmap include:

2016 – Biomass boiler and LED lighting in managed buildings installed

2017 – PV panels fitted on all Jennings managed buildings

2018 – EV chargers installed

2021 – Carbon footprint declaration, goal setting and community objectives

2024 – Create Jennings Energy – renewable energy produced on site for all to use

2025 – Invest in making older buildings work better

2026 – Target zero waste to landfill

2028 – Increase EV charging points

Aerial view of the lake and outdoor gym 

Eight principles to achieve sustainability

Jennings has set out eight guiding principles to assist, encourage and enable park tenants to achieve environmental, economic and social sustainability en route to becoming net carbon zero:

Energy – consumption reduction or switch to renewable providers, helped by using renewable energy produced on site

Waste – zero to landfill, reduction of single-use products and packaging

Water – consumption reduction, reuse where possible, refill station on-site

Transport – encouraging and providing for electric vehicles (EV), car sharing and cycling

Environment – improving wildlife habitats, increasing eco cleaning product usage

Procurement – buying local and/or sustainable along supply chains

Community – climate change awareness events and collaborations

Sustainable decision making – guided by BCorp’s Triple Bottom Line model of people, planet, profit

The Lake Area Boosts Environmental Diversity and Provides a Pleasant, Relaxing Space for Tenants and Employees

Commenting on today’s announcement, Managing Director of Jennings, Paul Mabbutt, says:

“We have to do this together if we’re to make a real change. We are right beside any business wanting to reduce their impact on the planet. We believe they’ll see the benefit of doing so within their own business.”

The roadmap is a cumulation of 40 years’ of sustainability values at Monument Park and one of the outcomes of Jennings’ target of becoming a BCorp. Paul Mabbutt adds: “The environment has been a consideration at Jennings since the design of Monument Park and its green spaces in the 1980s. Forty years on, our commitment to providing a setting for businesses and their people to work in more sustainable ways is stronger than ever.”

Monument Park in Chalgrove hosts businesses as far ranging as food production and 3D printing across managed offices and rented units, including two shepherds huts by the lake, which has been created to provide a better environment for wildlife.