EZ Street Asphalt: The green solution paving the roads to a Net Zero future

For Aberdeenshire-based Red Stag Materials, meeting statutory Net Zero targets while improving the nation’s infrastructure represents a huge challenge – but also real opportunities. This is why the company is expanding production of its ground-breaking EZ Street Asphalt – a greener solution to potholes, the scourge of motorists and cyclists alike.

Roads are the arteries and veins of the nation and when they decline so does the country’s economic health. Due to an increase in the number and weight of vehicles, inclement weather and lack of funding, Britain’s roads are in a perilous state – yet pothole repair contributes hugely to carbon emissions, which need to be reduced to net zero by 2050.

This is where EZ Street comes in. Increasingly manufactured using biofuel rather than fossil fuels, this cold polymer modified asphalt represents a greener, more sustainable way to meet Net Zero targets. EZ Street is quick and easy to apply and its durability under extreme conditions means it is already used from Australia to Norway as a permanent repair solution.

In the UK, EZ Street is available for delivery in 22kg bags, bulk sacks and bulk for individuals, contractors, and local authorities from Western Isles to the Isle of Wight. Now Red Stag is introducing recycled plastic shrink wrap and recycled pallets to make the product even greener – an ethos reflected at the head office, says Managing Director Grant Shewan.

“We aspire to have our EZ Street Asphalt product Carbon neutralised within 5years,” says Shewan. “We’re not perfect but I believe we’re further down the road than our competitors because we view the Net Zero targets as a way to make businesses cleaner, greener and more productive.

“If you as a local authority, contractor or individual are wondering how to be more environmentally friendly, whether you’re repairing major roads or private drives, there’s a simple, green and permanent solution: EZ Street.”