over two-thirds of Brits plan to lead a more sustainable life

Post-lockdown looks green in the UK – Over two-thirds of Brits plan to lead a more sustainable life  

Life after lockdown looks greener in the UK with 66% of Brits planning on making more eco-conscious choices to lead a more sustainable life after complete lockdown lifts, according to international research from bags and computing accessories brand Targus. Expectations for greener practices are high with 63% Brits saying sustainability should be a top priority for all businesses, even amidst the pandemic. 

The findings come from Targus’ Eco Trends Report which is based on a survey of 2,000 consumers in the UK to understand their consumer sentiments and expectations around sustainability. 

Love for sustainable brands 

Sustainability has long featured high on the priority list for people. This looks to be growing in importance with 39% of Brits saying they are actively choosing brands that behave in a sustainable way. This is further backed by 46% saying they would be happy to pay a premium price for sustainable products that last longer. 

When it comes to products and services, three-quarters (75%) of Brits would embrace more eco-friendly options if available. Almost half (45%) of Brits would choose more eco-friendly solutions for technology (e.g. energy saving light bulbs), rising to 51% among those aged 55+. Two in five (41%) would go eco-friendly with food and over a third (36%) would choose more sustainable clothing. 

Europe looks even greener

While these responses point at a more sustainable future for the Brits, the grass definitely looks greener in other European countries. 71% of French are happy to pay a premium on sustainable products that can last longer (compared to 54% Dutch and 46% in the UK). The French also have high expectations of businesses adopting more sustainable practices with 88% of respondents agreeing with the statement. The sentiment is less pronounced amidst the Brits at 63% and the Dutch at 59%.

“The lockdown looks to have spurred greener mindsets among the Brits,” said Raphael de Perlinghi, Director Consumer Business EMEA, Targus.

“Our findings show that consumer expectations in the UK are moving in the right direction – with a clear shift towards making more eco-conscious choices. Businesses and retailers alike must rethink their offerings to ensure they are meeting customer demands for greener products. The future certainly looks to be sustainable in the UK but a glance at the sentiments across the border in France highlights that there is definitely still some ways to go if we want to truly make a change for the greener.”

To find out more about how consumers feel about sustainability and what they expect of today’s businesses, download the full report here.