MixJet Flight Support Takes Centre Stage with GreenHorizon Initiative at COP28

MixJet Flight Support, the premier global aviation services provider, has been honoured as the sole international trip support company to engage in the prestigious COP28. This exclusive invitation is a testament to MixJet’s front-running GreenHorizon initiative, which champions sustainability in the skies.

Last year marked a significant milestone for MixJet, successfully delivering 49 million liters of jet fuel and handling 2,400+ flights across its expanding network of over 1,300 contracted handlers and FBOs. The year also saw the strategic opening of new offices in the UK and Portugal, signalling MixJet’s growing global influence.

GreenHorizon stands as MixJet’s commitment to sustainability, leading the industry’s charge towards the widespread use of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) made from renewable waste resources. This eco-conscious approach aims to reduce emissions by as much as 80% in comparison to conventional jet fuels. “Our mission extends to the heart of sustainability,” EVP Shukri Khalifa affirmed. “We are not just participating in the conversation; we are actively constructing a global supply chain that will satisfy the increasing demand for sustainable aviation fuels.”

To support the GreenHorizon initiative, MixJet is investing in carbon neutrality and spearheading the adoption of SAF across its operations. The company is cultivating strategic partnerships within the aviation community to tackle the challenges and scale the commercial viability of SAF.

With a decade-long track record of excellence, MixJet Flight Support is synonymous with delivering customized, client-focused aviation services, such as ground handling, fuel supply, flight planning, air charter, emergency response, and concierge services.

Looking ahead to COP28, CEO Munir Khalifa and EVP Shukri Khalifa are set to feature in the COP28 Leadership Interviews, where they will discuss MixJet’s contributions and vision for a sustainable future within the aviation industry.

To watch the video visit: MixJet COP28 Interview

About MixJet Flight Support

MixJet Flight Support has reigned over a decade as a pioneer in specialized aviation services, earning a reputation for personalized and efficient client service. The company’s unwavering dedication to understanding and meeting client needs has solidified its position as a trusted aviation partner.

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