Global Thought Leaders Bringing the Future into the Present

Recent turmoil, such as inflation, the Ukraine war and the energy crisis, is weighing heavily on economies around the world. Markets are forced by flexibility to meet the current dynamics of global action. The way markets are structured is constantly evolving. The only constant is change. Innovators who seize the moment shape and determine the face of tomorrow’s market. Only those who can adapt, with the help of innovation, will emerge successfully from this dilemma.

In a series of compelling documentaries, renowned production company TBD Media Group explores the innovations that are driving global business and peek inside the future they are shaping. TBD Media’s important collection of interviews and documentaries features Global Thought Leaders from around the world, giving a platform to real thinkers and innovators from the organisations shaping tomorrow’s business environment and society at large.

In a total of six categories, the documentary series highlights the topics: Technology, Finance, Energy, Consulting and Mobility and is an arena for today’s great minds to discuss and amplify tomorrow’s innovations.

TBD Media Group founder and CEO Paolo Zanini explains the motivation behind the campaign as follows:

“From digital transformation to industrial innovation, TBD Media Group’s thoughtful and insightful documentary series informs the business community about the innovations that are shaping tomorrow’s world. These models of success can be an inspiration for the next generation – learning from winners and inspiring them to build on and go beyond their successes.”

The Global Thought Leaders films, featuring the world’s leading CEOs and business operators, are broadcasting on a global platform. Here, the ideas of the most innovative business icons are presented and the stories behind the greatest successes of recent years are told:

RS GROUP: An omnichannel distributor of products and services for the industrial segment, reducing customers’ operating costs, driving up time and capital efficiency
PROSPERITY7 VENTURES: Identifying strategic opportunities for early-stage enterprises to expand, enter new and emerging markets, as well as grow to a global scale of business
DP WORLD: A multinational logistics company based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, which specialises in cargo logistics, port terminal operations, maritime services and free trade zones
FACTSET: A financial data and software company which provides integrated data and software

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