50 German Leaders: German Ingenuity and excellence

Inflation, the Ukraine war and the energy crisis: the German economy has been under pressure for months. It is therefore all the more surprising that the economy has so far proved robust. The main question is whether Germany can deal with the current situation for a prolonged period of time.

How well a country comes through the Covid-19 crisis also depends on its economic structure. The German economy depends above all on industry. It, too, has suffered from the shutdown and is still feeling the effects of lower demand. However, the recovery is likely to be much faster in this sector. In a time of upheaval and change, German leadership is taking the initiative to create a better future for the global community.

TBD Media Group introduces 50 German Leaders to a global audience.

LONDON, Nov. 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Germany has a hard-won reputation as a centre of innovation, business excellence and thought leadership. In a world of splintered politics, Germany is pointing the way to a future that protects profits, people and the planet.

50 German Leaders, a campaign by acclaimed production company TBD Media Group, is showcasing the ideas of Germany’s most innovative business icons. Through a series of compelling documentaries, TBD Media examines their motivation and looks at the future they are creating.

Paolo Zanini, Founder and CEO at TBD Media Group, says:

“Germany is at the heart of Europe, representing stability, innovation and a genuine desire to create a better future for the global community. In 50 German Leaders, we have built a campaign around German business leaders who are tackling the hard challenges facing humanity at this time. We are providing an opportunity for these leaders to inspire each other at a live meeting, as well as taking their stories out in the world to motivate others to take action.”

The 50 German Leaders documentary series will take viewers on a journey through a diverse collection of innovative and collaborative businesses that couple the latest technology with human ingenuity to create lasting, positive change.

More information on the 50 German Leaders Campaign may be found here: https://www.globalthoughtleaders.org/50-german-leaders

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WEMHÖNER SURFACE TECHNOLOGIES: The family-owned company Wemhöner Surface Technologies is the world market leader in solutions for finishing wood-based materials.

AMANN GROUP: With its commitment to a sustainable circular economy, the AMANN Group is considered a role model for the textile industry.

APEX AI: Apex.AI offers an operating system that enables car manufacturers and other companies in the mobility industry to develop new applications for software-based vehicles efficiently and reliably.

AXA GERMANY: AXA’s awareness of corporate responsibility is expressed, among other things, in a sustainable investment strategy. The Cologne-based company implements this strategy together with other major insurers worldwide in the “Net Zero Asset Owner Alliance” led by the United Nations.

L.I.T GRUPPE: As a logistics company, you carry a great deal of responsibility on your shoulders. After all, you have to supply large parts of the population and meet their needs. At L.I.T. AG, however, this sense of responsibility always goes a bit further – which ultimately benefits customers, employees and the environment.

R+V: Helps people to help themselves and leaves no one alone, because solidarity is the basis for cooperative action.

FALKE: Traditional craftsmanship merged with innovative designs. After 127 years, the values of Family business FALKE are more relevant than ever.

SALZGITTER AG: The steel producer Salzgitter AG paves the way to a sustainable future for the steel industry by investing in green technologies.

GROHE AG: An expert in bathroom and kitchen faucet designs. Thanks to strong collaboration and a knowledge transfer that creates synergies for development, design, production and supply chain, the long-established brand can once again offer “Pure Joy of Water” to people worldwide.

APPLIED MATERIALS: The German subsidiary of Applied Materials is a manufacturer of small sensitive chips and is involved in the research and development of sophisticated semiconductor, display and vacuum coating equipment.