Global Thought Leaders are Reshaping the World, Leading it into a Better Tomorrow

Innovation and innovation leadership are not only crucial in today’s ever-evolving dynamic business market, but also as a fundamental necessity that we, as human beings, can thrive and develop in this world. They are interdependent in such a way, that innovative businesses will be more successful and influential if they connect with people, resulting in those individuals being more vivid and powerful, bringing innovation into business development.

Through TBD Media Group, Global Thought Leaders are sharing revolutionary ideas, that are leading businesses onto the next level of operations, and the world into the next era of prosperity.

Global Thought Leaders, a campaign by acclaimed production company TBD Media Group, presents ideas from the world’s most innovative business leaders, interpreting their creative solutions, and bringing forward the future. The Global Thought Leaders campaign highlights groundbreaking decisions in the health, energy, and technology sectors. Through innovation, pioneering values, and humanitarian goals, the businesses featured are redefining traditional industries.

TBD Media Group has a reputation for supporting the global business community, by the pursuit of meaningful storytelling. Through the power of visuals, TBD Media crafts the most promising businesses that connect people, amplify voices, and inspire action.

The Global Thought Leaders series will provide valuable insights into how global-leading businesses are making the changes, leading the world into a better tomorrow.

Companies featured in this launch:

GOGORO: A problem solver of urban electrical mobility
G42: Realizing the powerful potential of AI
ELERS MEDICAL: An infection prevention solutions provider
IFF: An innovator in providing alternative protein
SCFHS: An organization boosting healthcare leadership development
FLATEX BANK: Europe’s leading online financial advisory services provider
SAUDIA GROUP: from a singular aircraft to an international fleet
TANGER MED GROUP: A world-leading industrial and logistics port complex
BELLWETHER INDUSTRIES: An innovator in urban aircraft design

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