The Thinking Traveller reveals London has the most eco-conscious travellers in the world

An award-winning villa rental company The Thinking Traveller has conducted a study, revealing the top 10 cities and top 10 countries where people are most concerned about travelling in an eco-friendly way.

The Thinking Traveller is passionate about responsible travel and is known for investing in local economies, participating in conservation projects as well as promoting awareness around a sustainable approach to tourism. With the approach of World Tourism Day, which celebrates a number of causes, including rethinking the impact of tourism on the planet as well as the ever-growing popularity of sustainable travel, The Thinking Traveller was inspired to collate an insightful report that also features eco-friendly travel recommendations.

The study revealed that Londoners topped the list with 23,430 searches per year, with many of its holidaymakers considering eco-conscious travel agenda. New Yorkers came second with 16,960 searches, followed by Parisian travellers with 16,540 searches a year.

Below is the list of the top 10 cities with the most eco-conscious travellers:
1. London, UK – 23,430 searches
2. New York, USA – 16,960 searches
3. Paris, France – 16,540 searches
4. Sydney, Australia – 10,480 searches
5. Mumbai, India – 9,540 searches
6. Bangkok, Thailand – 9,480 searches
7. Istanbul, Turkey – 8,530 searches
8. Dubai, UAE – 8,360 searches
9. Toronto, Canada – 7,870 searches
10. Melbourne, Australia – 7,680 searches

When it comes to the countries with the most sustainable travellers, USA topped the list with 99,050 searches per year. India came second with 69,400 searches while the UK rounded out the top three with 66,530 searches per year.

1. USA – 99,050 searches
2. India – 69,400 searches
3. UK – 66,530 searches
4. France – 44,460 searches
5. Indonesia – 28,090 searches
6. Australia – 25,220 searches
7. Sweden – 24,550 searches
8. Italy – 24,060 searches
9. Canada – 23,110 searches
10. Germany – 21,800 searches

To come up with a list of the cities and countries with the most eco-conscious travellers, The Thinking Traveller conducted keyword research around terms that people search for when looking for more environmentally friendly holidays. They looked at a mixture of generic terms (eg. eco-friendly holidays) as well as methods of travel (eg. eco-friendly airlines), sustainable hotels (eg. eco-friendly resort) and environmentally friendly suitcases and luggage (eg. sustainable luggage brands). Once the keyword list was collated, a keyword research tool was used to see which cities and countries had the largest search volume.

Antoine Levy, Sales & Marketing Director, at The Thinking Traveller, said:
‘’Sustainability has been a growing concern for consumers in various sectors, including travel. As a travel company that takes ecotourism seriously and is heavily invested in promoting sustainable travel, we wanted to play our part in helping create awareness about eco-conscious travel and encourage travellers to embrace sustainable ways of travelling’’.

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