The World’s Longest, Non-Stop, Relay in the Name of Climate Action

As we all know, COP27 is fast approaching, with the aim of the world coming together to reaffirm its commitment to tackle the global climate crisis. To help raise awareness and push for change to happen, organisations are campaigning with messages they want the world leaders to hear.

This autumn, thousands of runners are preparing for their stage in the World’s Longest Relay which will be setting off from the host of COP26, Glasgow, Scotland, and travelling 7,767km through 18 countries to Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, to this years COP27.

Co-organisers Carbon Copy and The World Relay have come together to create the event, Running Out of Time, to deliver an important climate change message from young people to the decision makers at COP27. This message will be sealed in the baton at the opening ceremony in Glasgow before being handed over to those running the first leg, which will be carried by the likes of the public, runners, students & presidents. The baton will travel through Scotland, Wales & England before making its way across the channel to France where it will continue its journey before arriving in Sharm El-Sheikh on 5th November.

There will be 732 stages to this relay which will run 24/7 over 38 days and each stage will cover 5-10km. Each group running can contain up to 25 people who will carry the baton containing the climate change message which will be continually passed to the next group until we reach COP27.

Carbon Copy are encouraging everyone to get involved and share their support for climate change. Here is how you can support:

  • Sign up and run a full stage or even part of a stage across the UK
  • Show up and support runners along the route and at baton exchanges
  • Share your local climate action projects with Carbon Copy on social media
  • Share any pictures of the event on social using #RunningOutOfTime

This is a great opportunity for local climate action groups to get involved and to be heard. Along the way, it will visit schools, climate change projects & at-risk locations to inspire and champion local climate action.

Thinking big on a local scale is where we can really make a difference by encouraging each other in our local communities to come together and the take steps needed to tackle the climate emergency and biodiversity crisis with the aim to live a sustainable future.