Efeca Launches Sustainable Commodities Resource Hub

Efeca, the UK-based technical experts specialising in responsible sourcing of forest risk commodities, has recently launched the Sustainable Commodities Resource Hub.

The free to use online platform signposts businesses to the latest, best-practice guidelines and information when it comes to sourcing sustainable commodities – particularly those linked to deforestation and conversion of natural habitats, like palm oil and soya.

Created in collaboration with Partnerships for Forests and with contributions from several industries and civil society partners – Efeca recognised the value of the pre-existing information already out there and wanted to bring it together in a central, user-friendly and easily accessible location.

Emily Fripp, Director of Efeca, explains:

“Sustainable sourcing is extremely complex – and navigating through the wealth of information and advice available can be challenging. We created the Sustainable Commodities Resource Hub to signpost businesses to high quality, independent and trusted
resources to support them with every aspect of sustainable sourcing.

“The goal is to help businesses make the right decisions when it comes to forest commodities, so they can make a meaningful contribution to mitigating climate change and the destruction of fragile ecosystems across the globe.”

The Sustainable Commodities Resource Hub categorises resources into distinct steps on the sustainable sourcing journey, which supports organisations in understanding the issues, figuring out suitable actions, translating goals and delivering progress on their sustainability promises. This diverse array of information is designed to be utilised by any business at any stage of this process.

In addition, it provides tailored advice on communicating about sustainability to help spread key messages and encourage other businesses to follow suit.

From mitigating climate change and the destruction of ecosystems to establishing how to achieve Net Zero, Efeca’s Resource Hub features a library of information, tools and resources that have been carefully curated to equip businesses with the tools they need to drive real change.

The Sustainable Commodities Resource Hub can be found at https://www.efeca-resource-hub.com/.

About Efeca

Efeca provides specialised advice on responsible sourcing, sustainable trade and use of
agricultural and forest commodities.

A Tropical Forest Alliance partner, World Economic Forum preferred supplier, a UN Global Compact signatory and Accountability Framework initiative coalition member, its team of technical experts has worked with a wide range of clients across public, private, finance and civil society sectors.

Efeca has accumulated broad experience working in over 30 countries, across agricultural and forest risk commodities including palm oil, soya, timber, pulp and paper, beef and leather (cattle), sugar, coffee, cocoa and rubber.

To find out more about Efeca, please visit: https://www.efeca.com/


Source: Response Source