Ethical UK Mattress Company Helping to Reduce Landfill

Eco Sleep London has launched the UK’s first mattress company to responsibly manufacturer mattresses, as well as ethically recycle customer’s old ones, ensuring none contribute to the 5.6 million that end up in UK landfill every year.

Made in Britain using 100% recyclable materials, Eco Sleep London mattresses feature re-engineered foam and use ‘EcoAdvance’ comfort technology. As well as promising a super-comfortable sleep, mattresses are stylishly finished with SEAQUAL® YARN – an innovative material sourced from upcycled marine plastic. Confident that customers will love the range, there’s a 100-night sleep trial guarantee.

The collection is exclusively available at: with mattresses starting from £245.

Darren Lee, co-founder of Eco Sleep London, said: “We set out to create a game-changing company, that consciously makes and recycles mattresses, before we sleep-walk into a landfill crisis. With a growing appetite for eco-friendly homewares, our mattresses lead the way in comfortable design using innovative upcycled materials.

“We also offer free nationwide collection of customer’s old mattresses and recycle them in a responsible way, ensuring they never end up in landfill. Sustainable slumber is the future – and we’re proud to be doing out bit to ensure customers sleep better at night – for many reasons.”

There are two mattresses in the collection; the ‘Eco Hybrid’ – a sumptuous foam and spring mattress with thousands of individual pocket springs adapting to an individual’s shape and weight, and the ‘Eco Foam Ortho’ – a firmer mattress with high resilience. They use pressure-relieving ‘EcoAdvance’ technology that helps to regulate temperature and is odour-free.

Eco Sleep London mattresses feature:
• 100% recyclable materials that are ethically sourced
• Free and ethical recycling of your old mattress
• 100-night money-back if not satisfied
• A 10-year guarantee
• Speedy and free delivery nationwide

Currently with 40% off, now is the perfect time to pick-up a new mattress. For more information, or to shop the range, please visit:

Founded by two friends who dreamt of a better future, Eco Sleep London is a disruptor start-up launched in 2022 by Mark Ward from Exeter and Darren Lee from Plymouth. Before getting into bed with each other, Mark was the founder of Sleepright, while Darren was a former buyer for national furniture chains. The duo have more than 30 combined years’ of experience in the furniture and bed industry. Eco Sleep London was launched to find a better way of providing a comfortable night’s sleep, whilst resolving the growing issue of millions of mattresses ending up in landfill every year.

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